With racial tensions on the rise, an unassuming WWII hero —grandson of slaves, son of sharecroppers — reflects on his struggle to achieve the "American Dream" and reveals the path forward in order to achieve racial peace and harmony in the South.

The film is about 100 years of racism told through the spellbinding storytelling of a 100-year-old, unsung hero of the civil rights movement and WWII. It is an uplifting tale of his — and the nation's — spirit, loss, and love.


969th FABn B Battery (1st Sergeant Isaac Pope on far right)


Born and raised in Lenoir County, Isaac Pope is a man of faith who lives a humble life. As a WWII Veteran, Mr. Pope was the First Sergeant of the 969th Field Artillery Battery, He fought in the Battle of the Bulge--one of the deadliest battles of WWII. After the war, Isaac Pope continued to serve as a mentor, church leader and advocate for civil and workplace rights.

Photo by Potter Photography & Design

Photo by Joseph Friedman