“It is the missing part of American History, the other side, the underside, that which is hidden, denied, forgotten, never known.  Great footage, great narration!”

 — Dr. Phyllis Chesler, prolific author and activist about many social issues


“I feel enriched by “knowing” Isaac Pope now—what a gift of a human being.”

 — Abby Wolf, Executive Director, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University


“What is accomplished in this film is remarkable. What a person he was! There is so much I could say but words fail me at the moment. I hope it is enough for now to say that the film is deeply moving and so important. Thank you for telling the story of this great person Isaac Pope You have given me - and so many others- the chance to know of him and to be touched by his spirit!”

 — Steve Stone, Executive Director, Mental Health & Recovery Board, Ashland, OH


"The film is wonderful. Really moving. Made me think about how the most complex issues have such simple answers. Love, Grace. Courage, Faith. The rhythm of it, [Editor] Grant's perfect unfolding. [Composer] Jones' spare, felt, but never intrusive, exquisite score. The eloquent guitar under/over the cotton fields. Please, please forward my compliments/this email to your brilliantly talented team. The song over the credits. Wow. It is nice when a film is so moving one actually needs the time of a credit crawl with a fab tune to recompose. You and your partners have made something beautiful. We need a whole lot more of that."

 — Patricia Lee Stotter, Emmy-winning filmmaker, composer, and social activist


“It’s a beautiful story. The injustice to men who fought for our country, coming back home to be treated as second-class citizens, is one of the shameful times in our history. And the courage of people like Isaac Pope, to resist injustice and work tirelessly and with dignity to give a better life to others, is truly inspirational. So glad you were able to make this film and preserve this story.”

 — Jonathan Hoffman, Attorney


“We enjoyed the film enormously! You not only told a great story about one man but spun the tale of 100 years of race relations.”

 — Dr. Sherwood Gorbach, Professor Emeritus, Tufts Medical School